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Think Kohilo Wind!

Wind Energy For Everyone

The term Kohilo is Hawaiian ... meaning "Gentle Breeze"

Kohilo has discovered the key to harnessing wind energy in real world urbanized applications consisting of low altitude highly turbulent environments.

It starts with us having unlocked the fluid dynamics required to more than double the power stroke of the vertical axis wind turbine blade system in combination with the largest amount of surface area ever applied to a compact wind turbine to further expand energy capture and absorption. Our blade combines inner and outer blades that create a controlled environment to stabilize turbulent air flow within its compression chamber.

This blade design harnesses wind energy from 3 mph to 127 mph. Beyond this breakthrough, the Kohilo turbine systems are designed to be silent, lightweight, reliable for generations, deployable virtually anywhere, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Renewable Energy Credits Explained.

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